Our People

Promoting Diversity Talent

Currently we employ in GUNDERSON-GIMSA around 3000 workers who are highly qualified and they operate safely.

  • We promote Gender Diversity and Inclusion to train and hire women welders.
  • We have welding school where we constantly have about 50 women taking theoretical and practical courses in welding with a duration of 6-8 weeks. Subsequently recertification welders is performed every 6 months.
  • We provide various courses in safety, so that the employees always work safely, including:
    • Training in Emergency Rescue Brigades to adequately respond to medical emergencies and contingencies in the company.
    • Knowledge of procedures and rescue techniques in confined spaces.
    • Emergency practices in stationary tanks

Our commitment to our team is always provide all the tools and knowledge necessary to perform their job well and achieve great results every day.

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