Who We Are

Constantly growing

In 2006, a joint venture began between Grupo Industrial Monclova and The Greenbrier Companies, creating GUNDERSON-GIMSA a company in the city of Frontera, Coahuila, Mexico; strategically located near the US border and AHMSA, the largest company producing steel in Mexico.

We are a highly competitive and therefore the conditioning of plant GUNDERSON-GIMSA was carried out simultaneously with the implementation of the production line for hopper cars, both activities were done in record time. After a period of seven months the plant was fully operational, producing hopper cars for the transportation of grain and cement, among others.

We are distinguished in the market for our designs, high quality and excellent delivery times thanks to the manufacturing process, with proper materials and skilled workforce.

To date we have produced over 14 000 Hopper Cars, and more than 8000 Tank Cars to our most important and demanding North American market customers.

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